For animal food, seeds, cereals, gravel, rubble, waste materials


Polypropylene Raphia fabric bags are the ideal, low cost solution for bagging, preserving and transporting a wide variety of products and waste safely and practically.
These bags have a wide variety of uses in agriculture and in various industrial sectors thanks to their versatility, strength and easy handling qualities.
Our standard bag is in non-laminated highly breathable Polypropylene Raphia material, refined with a hem at the opening and double stitching on the bottom.
In can, on request, be supplied in laminated material, treated with anti-UV additives to protect it against sunlight-caused degrading, coloured to enhance recognition, personalised with the customer’s logo (in one/two colours) and with product information, and equipped with an internal polythene liner stitched to the opening or bottom.
Polypropylene raphia bags are sold in bales of 1000 pieces.

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