The Company

Manifatture Terre del Reno

The company was founded following the takeover of Manifatture Bonzagni srl, which had been on the packaging market for over 70 years. Today, the production plant is still in Dosso – Sant’Agostino – Terre del Reno (Ferrara).

What we do
We design, produce and market products to wrap and pack:
– unpeeled whole vegetables, both fresh and refrigerated (potatoes, onions, garlic)
– unpeeled whole fruits, fresh and refrigerated (citrus fruits)
– nuts (peanuts, chestnuts in their main varieties, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts)
– dry fruit
– shellfish and fresh in-the-shell molluscs
– cereals, cereal derivatives and biscuit products, bakery and dry pastry/confectionery products
– dry foods
– frozen and deep-frozen foods
– coffee and surrogates, powdered cocoa
– seeds, fertilizers and various agricultural and industrial products.

Core business
The firm’s core business comes, on the one hand, from supplying the leading companies and large consortia, mostly Italian, that package fruit and vegetable products for the large-scale retail chains. On the other hand, it comes from supplying companies, again mostly Italian, that import and distribute fertilizers which are, as they near their destination, processed and bagged in flexible containers (so-called big bags or FIBCs).

What we manufacture
The firm has an internal woven mesh (or net) production department. This mesh is mainly used by the company as a semi-finished item to manufacture bags for fruit and vegetable products.
It also has an extrusion line with 5 extruders to manufacture both flat and tubular fastnet mesh.

How we manufacture
Internal mesh production is carried out on textile machines (flat and raschel looms). Finished bags, instead, are made using three automatic, internally developed machines that, under the supervision of an operator, perform a sequence of manufacturing steps (cutting, sewing and band application). Bags are packed on the machine by the worker.

Market positioning
The firm is the leading supplier of bags for various types of chestnut, shellfish and shelled molluscs. It is also a leading supplier of bags for potatoes and onions and is one of the most renowned suppliers of fertilizer packaging thanks to outstanding product quality and reliability.

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