For chestnuts, walnuts, potatoes, and dried fruit with shells


‘Giano’ jute bags are new products that are already widely appreciated by companies in the fruit and vegetable sector and other fields.
Requested for manual packaging of chestnuts, walnuts, potatoes and dried fruit with shells, they are generally small packages obtained by sewing together two sheets of different fabric, one in jute and the other in a mesh that can be either single-yarn Leno weave or square-weave.
Giano bags allow products to be presented in an eye-catching manner by making them visible from the monofilament mesh side.
Thanks to its natural fibre, woven jute is widely appreciated for its excellent breathability and capacity to absorb moisture from both the product and the surrounding environment.
Your logo can, on request, be printed on the bag (max. 2 colours).

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