For chestnuts, walnuts, molluscs with shells (mussels, clams etc.)


100% recyclable PE monofilament bags are just perfect for bagging your product and showcasing its beauty and freshness.
You can choose from among two different mesh types depending in the desired product presentation: full-cross Leno weave mesh ensures optimal coverage of the bagged product and maximum returns in terms of package brightness, shine and colour; square-weave mesh, thanks to its wider weave, makes it easier to see the product and highlights its qualitative characteristics.
It’s also possible to personalise bags by applying a central stripe (white or printed in up to 6 colours) with the customer’s logo.
Monofilament bags are sold in bales of 1000 pieces.
They can also, on request, be made of PLA (a bio-compostable material)


A richiesta è possibile personalizzare il sacco con l’applicazione di una fascia centrale bianca o stampata fino a 6 colori con il marchio del cliente.

I sacchi di monofilo sono venduti in balle da 1000 pezzi.

Su richiesta possono essere realizzati in PLA (materiale biocompostabile)

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