For potatoes, leeks, onions, wood


Raschel bags are just perfect for bagging your product and showcasing its beauty and freshness.
You can choose from two different bag types depending on the bagging procedure: the single bag, with or without a tie string, is used in operations where the product is bagged manually; continuous bag reels help lower processing costs considerably as they are designed for use on automatic bagging machines.
The woven Raschel mesh ensures good coverage of the bagged product and maximum results in terms of brightness and colour.
These bags can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, colours and versions. Options span from an Italian tricolour weave in the middle of the bag (available on request, on both single bags and reels) to the provision of single bags with tie strings for the opening, a solution that lets users package products even if they have no sewing equipment.
The bag can, on request, be customised by applying a personalised central stripe (printed with up to 8 colours) with the customer’s logo; customers can also purchase the sewing yarn and polythene strap to sew up the bag opening.
Individual bags are sold in bales of 1000 or 2000 pieces.
They can also, on request, be made of PLA (a bio-compostable material)

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