For chestnuts, walnuts, potatoes, onions, seeds, cereals, grain, sand


Jute bags provide an excellent environmentally friendly way of bagging, preserving and transporting your product and enhancing its value. They are in great demand for packaging fruit and vegetable products where it is important to project an image of high quality and guaranteed authenticity.
Thanks to its natural fibre, woven jute bags are widely appreciated for their excellent breathability and capacity to absorb moisture from both the product and the surrounding environment. Strong and biodegradable, they are used as sandbags by various environmental protection and natural disaster agencies to combat floods. They decompose without causing any damage to the environment.
You can choose from two types of jute fabric depending on the product to be bagged: the full bright jute bag is suitable for those who want a package in a bright, shiny, high quality fabric. It is normally used for chestnuts, potatoes, onions and very delicate produce; the natural jute bag, generally yellowish or brown, is, instead, ideal for agricultural products such as cereals, grains and seeds or inert materials like sand or gravel.
Your logo can, on request, be printed on the bag (max. 2 colours).

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